Daisy School: Northern Arizona University Year: Junior Age: 18 Height: 5'7 Figure: 32B-18-24 Eye Color: Green
Daisy came down from Northern Arizona University to get fucked on camera so her girl friend can pay rent. I'm not making this up, folks. As I'm driving in to her friend's apartment complex, where Daisy is staying today, a sign saying "Rent Due Today" greets me. How fitting, I think. So how slutty of a friend does a girl have to be to do something like that? Well, not much apparently because Daisy isn't the born-to-whore type. It takes me some convincing for her to show me her tiny titties in the car. Oddly enough, it takes less coaxing to have her take off her pants, probably because unlike her boobs, Daisy does like her ass, and rightfully so. She's trying to play it cool, like none of this is that big of a deal - but it's a mask I'll pull off soon enough. Daisy is freaking out about me driving with one hand and paying more attention to her than the road. She's the type to always play it safe. She studies hard, has a boyfriend (and yes - he knows and support this one-time porn appearance!), and generally considers herself a good girl. Let's see how long it'll take me to get rid of this character flaw. Not long, it turns out. Just having her pick out her outfit and spread her pussy for the photos is enough to get Daisy comfortable enough to let me lick her pussy on the balcony while she is smoking, (and pretending like being eaten out by a stranger outdoors doesn't faze her. Acting skills fail, Daisy. I notice.). She's pretty quick at getting out my dick and start sucking, too, but unfortunately my cock hurts her lip piercing. I have her use her mouth to make me happy in alternative ways though so I'm good to go to push for the next step: fucking outside. I move the furniture around and tell her to bend over to get fucked. Under nervous laughter Daisy asks "Outside?!?!?" and I confirm. Still a bit incredulous, Daisy bends over the balcony table and spreads her long legs. I can tell there's not a heck of a lot of sex going on in her personal life - Daisy's pussy is almost virgin-tight. I'm about to blow so we stop and go inside to continue there. Brothers, when you bang a chick in a hotel room, make sure you put out that "Do Not Disturb" sign: just when Daisy starts to suck my cock again, housekeeping knocks on the door and I can hear them open it at the same time they announce their presence (why do they always do that?!?). I jump up, buck naked, and tell the maid I have a late checkout. Watch Daisy's face when she hears the knock. Priceless! Yeah, those are the moments where I wish I had a production crew. Like later, just when we're done fucking, with Daisy on top, one of the camcorders' batteries runs out. By the time I change the batteries, one of my lights goes out. I decide to fuck and cum on Daisy on the balcony so I can take advantage of the remaining sun light. This suits her just fine because Daisy's now getting into fucking outside. Hey, it's a big step for her LOL. Chaotic but fun shoot overall. Daisy's not the type to pretend she's a pornstar, and she clearly is still new to a lot of things concerning sex. So if you like real amateur girls, flaws and all, you'll like this good-girl-gone-bad a lot.