Backroom Casting Couch is a website about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job. I would hire them all, however I'm not a talent agent...and there is no modeling job.

After a week of nothing but walk-outs and flakes, this chick shows up. Licensed massage therapist, but swears she's legit. That makes one of us. I knew she was crazy when I saw her Susan G. Komen tattoo on her tits. Great body otherwise. She's kinda 'meh' during the interview but after I eat her out she gets that look in her eyes and turns into nympho jew. Sarah is clearly not here to just pay her car bills. This lady wants the cock, and bad. Silent waters, I guess. For her enthusiasm I reward her with an ambush creampie and an earful of empty promises.